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October 13, 2015 Leave a comment was one of the online storage provider 5 years earlier. It provided a lot of online free space to its consumers for uploading their stuff, including software media, games, movies etc. Due to copyright issues, US authorities blocked their website but on 19 January 2013 at 12:47 PM (Eastern time; 16:47 UTC), Megaupload was re-launched as Mega under the domain name

The new platform of Mega porvides their consumers more space, efficiency and better and userfriendly dashboard. It provides 50Gb space to free users. So why not join free to get 50Gb space????


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How to create photo slideshows on YouTube

March 15, 2013 Leave a comment

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YouTube is best know for its video hosting capabilities which have been improved a lot by Google in recent years. The site is supporting higher resolutions now for instance or making available a video editor to its users and while that is certainly basic in comparison to high end video editing tools, it makes available a set of interesting features on the site directly.

What many YouTube users do not know is that it is also possible to use YouTube to create photo slideshows. Most users are probably creating the slideshows in programs like Windows Movie Maker before they upload the resulting videos to YouTube. This is however no longer necessary as YouTube is supporting the creation of photo slideshows now as well.

Here is what you need to do to create a photo slideshow on YouTube.

  • Open the YouTube website and click on the upload button after you have signed in to your account.
  • Here you can add videos either via drag and drop, or by clicking on the button in the middle of the page.
  • You find the photo slideshow option on the right. Just click on the create button here to get started.

youtube photo slideshow

  • This opens the photo selection window. Here you can pick photos that you have already uploaded to various Google services, or use the upload photos option to add new photos from your local system.

photos youtube

  • A preview of the photos that you have selected are then displayed as thumbnail previews on the upload page. You can rearrange them here or remove photos that you do not want to include in the slideshow.
  • Once you are satisfied with the selection, scroll down to the very bottom of the page and select next there.
  • The next page displays a preview of the photo slideshow in video format.

youtube slideshows

  • Here you can preview the video and modify a couple of effects including the slide duration, the slide effect and the transition effect.
  • You can also select an audio track here that you want played while the video is playing.
  • Once you are satisfied with the selection, click on upload to upload the video to YouTube.
  • This redirects you to the last page of the process where you need to add a title, description and tags to the video. Here you can also select a category for the video, and set its privacy settings.


YouTube’s photo slideshow creation feature is a great addition to the site, even though it is a bit basic in some regards. You can’t add your own music to the slideshow for instance, and there is no option to add custom text to the slideshow. If you just want to create a slideshow though and do not mind that, then it is certainly an interesting option for that. (via Labnol)

FMGem: music video player with YouTube integration

March 9, 2013 2 comments

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YouTube is without doubt one of the largest online repositories in regards to music and music videos that is available on today’s Internet. While it is likely that you find nearly every artist and song imaginable on the video hosting site if only you look long enough for it, it needs to be mentioned that the search capabilities are not really the best on the site itself. While you can type in the name of a song or artist, you often end up with unrelated videos thrown into the mix and combing through all results often takes longer than it should.

FMGem is a relative new service available on the Internet that makes available YouTube’s vast music archive on its own website. That in itself would not be really spectacular, but the integration of a music database that provides you with detailed information about bands, their albums and songs, is.

fmgem music

Here is how it works. You type the name of a song, artist or album you are interested in to the search form on top and wait for the results to be populated. Depending on that, you are either presented with a list of videos right away displayed on the left side of the screen, or a selection menu where you are asked to pick the name of the band or album from a list of results.

You can switch to albums search mode instead which is where most of the magic happens. If you enter Abba for instance here or any other band name, you are presented with a list of albums that were released by that band. A click on an album displays the list of songs included in that album, and a click on any of the songs here displays matching videos on the left again.

You can also use the add all button to add all of the songs to a playlist that is then automatically played while you are on the site. The site is also displaying related music on the right which you can also add to your playlist if you like.

music youtube

What’s excellent about FMGem is that it is really working well in combining music information, e.g. band names, songs or albums, with content that you find on YouTube. While you sometimes find a dud in the results listing, those seem to be less frequently there than if you would be searching for music directly on YouTube.

A couple of options are displayed right above the playlist section on the site. Here you can for instance navigate between items easily, remove the sidebars and playlist area to make more room for the actual video, or share what you have discovered on sites like Reddit or Facebook.

You can use the site to create your own playlist of music that brings you through the day. Just search for artists and albums you want to listen to and add those that you find to the playlist. Everything else happens automatic from that moment on and you can theoretically minimize the browser window or switch tabs while continuing to listen to music in the background.

The interface itself looks a bit messy, but it should not take long to get used to it. All in all an excellent site for Internet users who like to listen to music while they are on the Internet.

Google Drive gets file preview feature, mobile gets video streaming

February 22, 2013 Leave a comment

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Google’s cloud storage and file synchronization service Google Drive has been around for a while. It is Google’s go-to solution when it comes to syncing and storing files online. The company has integrated it into many of its service, Google Docs comes to mind for instance, which certainly improved the service’s reach.

Yesterday Google announced an upcoming change to Google Drive that is being rolled out as we speak and should be available to all users in the next couple of days.

The company has integrated a new preview feature in to Google Drive which is available for more than 30 different file types including image and video formats as well as document formats such as pdf. To use the new feature, right-click on a supported file type on Google Drive and select preview from the context menu.

google drive preview screenshots

A preview of the selected item is then displayed on the screen. What makes this preview feature interesting is that you can browse related items easily right from it. Google displays a thumbnail stream at the bottom that you can click on, or you can use the back and forward buttons that are displayed on the left and right side of the browser window to switch to the previous or next item in line.

Previews not only show static imagery, you can also preview videos right from there or scroll through documents. Another interesting feature that has been integrated into previewing files on Google Drive is the option to copy text from the preview right away. Google furthermore built-in zooming options, and options to download, print, share or open files for editing.

In other news: the official Google Drive application for Android was also updated yesterday. The main new feature that it makes available is support for video streaming on Honeycomb or newer versions of Android. According to the release notes, Google has improved the application’s performance across the board and integrated pinch to zoom support in presentation mode.

Free Download Camtasia Studio 7.1.0 with Registration

January 19, 2013 41 comments

Just Like Windows Movie Maker, this software allows users to create and mix their videos. With an addition of other applications like “Screen Recorder” this software is very easy to use and gives user the full access to create videos by importing media.

A lot of new video transitions and effects, it is very cool to use. So why waiting. Just try it now with full registered version.

Direct Download Link:


MediaGet 2 Download

July 10, 2012 4 comments

MediaGet 2 software allows users to download any media files directly from internet. No need to register to any website, or no need to even go to the website. Just type the keywords in Search Box and it fetches all of the download links to download your favourite software, video, game, audio etc. Here is the link to download it:

Direct Download Link:

Free Download VLC Media Player (2.0.1)

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