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Slide App for Android Users

September 12, 2016 Leave a comment

Hay Friends,


Wanna earn free recharge on your phone…. No need to do any rocket science. Just install this app on your Android Phone…. Share news, updates, announcements of your own interest and earn free recharge …… Follow the link below and instructions of the app….

Slide App for Android


Here you go. enjoy free recharge.


3G HTC Pocket PC (PC Suite)

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Free Direct Download Google Drive with 5GB Free

March 8, 2013 3 comments

Hello Friends,

Your Stuff Team is glad to inform that users can now get Google Drive with 5GB Free Stuff direct downloaded to their PCs.

Google Drive

Most of users are unable to install Google Drive to their PCs having an error of:

“Download Google Drive failed…” error, but our team is now happy to announce that they never get such errors if they download Google Drive from our page. Because Google Drive actual exe file is now available here to downlaod for free. Here is the direct download link for Google Drive:

Direct Download Link:

Enjoy using Google Drive….


February 25, 2013 1 comment

After uploading Quran Flash Version, Now we introduce 3D Version of Quran, which is just like the original Quran placed in front of you. You can Find Specific Surah or Chapter by clicking the content by Surah or Chapter at right side of your screen, while its open. You can zoom in zoom out, or set the direction which suits to your eyes best while reciting. Here is the snapshot how it looks like:

Quran 3d

Download Link1 for 3D Quran:

(After you click the link above, go to File>Download show on top left of the screen to download the file)

Download Link 2 for 3D Quran:

Please provide with your feedback how you find this new 3D Quran. Its a gift for all Muslims. Thanks.

Related Link:

Free Download Dropbox – An Easy Way to Backup and Share Your Files

January 19, 2013 25 comments

Dropbox is a very easy, user-friendly and useful method to backup and share your files. So now, if you are any where in the world, your files will remain save and you can watch and even download from anywhere in the world. For more details you can visit Dropbox Website To download and install Dropbox now on your computer, Click here:

Direct Download Link:

Free Download Camtasia Studio 7.1.0 with Registration

January 19, 2013 41 comments

Just Like Windows Movie Maker, this software allows users to create and mix their videos. With an addition of other applications like “Screen Recorder” this software is very easy to use and gives user the full access to create videos by importing media.

A lot of new video transitions and effects, it is very cool to use. So why waiting. Just try it now with full registered version.

Direct Download Link:


Resize windows to use the available free screen space

November 22, 2012 Leave a comment

Reference Link:

If there is one feature of Windows 7 that I make use of a lot it is the option to quickly snap windows to the left and right side of the screen so that both take up 50% of the screen estate. Sometimes things are not as simple, for instance if you want to display three or even more windows on the screen at the same time. While you can do all the resizing and positioning manually, you can also use a program like WinMaximumize to aid you in the task.

The program has not been designed to mimic Windows’ own show windows side by side feature which you can make use of with a right-click on the taskbar. Instead, it has been designed to maximize the screen estate of the selected window without interfering with other windows that are open. To be precise: it will maximize the active window using free screen estate only.

If space is available to expand the window horizontally or vertically, then this is what is going to happen when you use the shortcut the program makes available. The default shortcut is Ctrl-F1 which you can modify in the program settings. This may be necessary if a program of yours that you want to resize using the program has mapped that shortcut as well.

You will notice that the resizing shortcut sometimes does not work. The program is configured to block the resizing if windows overlap, but that can be easily disabled in the options so that you can always resize the windows even if they overlap.

The author has implemented a reverse shortcut into the application. When you hold down Shift in addition to the selected shortcut you will notice that the previous window position is restored.

The program may offer an interesting option for Windows users who often work with several open windows on the desktop at the same time that need to be resized frequently to use all the available screen estate. It is a lightweight program, but requires the Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 on the system. You can configure the program to start with Windows.

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